Build Your Marketbase

It all begins with a website, a place to showcase your brand and communicate with your customers, but digital marketing doesn’t end there. Fully integrate your small business online presence with e-mail marketing, social media marketing, and search engine marketing.

Website Design

Marketbase 101 offers professional web design services for small and home-based businesses. Design your website in a few easy steps, starting with a website design consultation survey and a free digital business review to discuss your existing business and your future goals.

Website Design Consultation Survey

We can help you execute your vision for a website or guide you through the process to develop it from scratch. Your custom designed website will build trust with your customer base and tell the story of your business. A well designed story with quality copywriting improves customer reach through organic search engine optimization (SEO).

With the professional web design services provided by Marketbase 101, your website becomes your digital billboard – engaging your existing customers, attracting new ones, and serves as the central piece of your small business digital marketing strategy.

E-Commerce Website

The e-commerce website has become the cornerstone of successful retail businesses. Without an e-commerce website you could be losing customers and losing sales. Let your website become your central sales hub – putting your brand, products, and services on center stage while allowing customers to shop when and where they want.

Whether you sell physical items, downloadable content, or subscriptions, Marketbase 101 can help you bring your retail business online. Our selection of e-commerce platforms provide payment processing, inventory management, and shipping support at a low cost to you. I can also help you integrate a custom website with your existing payment processer like Square or Shopify. 

For service based businesses an online e-commerce platform will allow you to invoice customers and process payments online. Custom integrations are also available for the service and restaurant industries including appointment booking or food ordering with dynamic menu options. 

Getting started is easy Contacting us is the first step

Website Enhancements

Marketbase 101 offers multiple website enhancements to fully integrate your small business digital marketing strategy.


Complete the branding of your small business with a professional e-mail address that matches your web address. A business e-mail address will help create a sense of trust as you communicate with your customers while giving your business flexibility and scalability. 


A picture is worth 1,000 words. Let your logo and the imagery of your digital marketing tell the story of your business. Marketbase 101 provides stock photo and graphic design services for your website, social media, and e-mail marketing materials.


Marketing is part art and part science. Marketbase 101 uses performance reporting and data science to track and improve the online presence of your business. Gain insight to where your customers are and what interests them. Leverage that information to improve the return on  advertising investments.

E-Mail Marketing

Permission based e-mail marketing is the ideal way to connect with your customers in today’s marketplace. Whether you send a monthly newsletter or weekly sales promotion, Marketbase 101 can help you craft an actionable message while building your e-mail distribution list.

E-mail marketing services include customer relationship management, e-mail copywriting and graphic design support, e-commerce integration for transactional e-mails for things like receipts, and e-mail automation for things like promotional birthday offers. Services may be integrated into an existing website not designed by Marketbase 101.

Targeted Advertising

Take the next step in growing your business with a targeted advertising campaign. A targeted advertsing campaign uses data science to reach your most likely customer demographic through search engine marketing and social media marketing.

Marketbase 101 will work with you to set and attain goals within your ad budget. 

Search Engine Marketing

Increase website traffic, phone calls, or retail visits by capturing potential customers when they are searching for your product or service. The use of a hyper-specific and hyper-local advertising strategy helps match your future customers with your business. 

Social Media Marketing

Adults spend an average of one hour per day scrolling through social media. Social Media Marketing inserts your products and services into that newsfeed, creating incremental business growth and increasing customer retention. 

Still have questions?

I’m happy to discuss all the digital marketing services offered and how they integrate with your existing strategies. Send me a message and I will contact you to answer any questions you may have.