Make the investment. See the return.

Marketbase 101 offers a flexible and scalable pricing structure to provide your small business with affordable and quality options for digital marketing services. Our pricing structure is designed to put you in control, with a full understanding of the investment you are making and the services you are receiving. Web design services start at just $300 and all other services are offered on an a la carte basis with a one time $50 set up fee. 

Professional Web Design

Web design services start at just $300 to design and build your custom website, depending on the size and scope, with monthly maintenance fees starting at $50. During our free consultation and digital business review we will discuss the needs of your business and determine your initial design fee.

Monthly maintenance fees are required to host your website, maintain domain registration, and maintain the security of your website. This will ensure that your website stays up to date with the ever changing technology of the internet and that any breaks that occur are repaired as soon as they are identified. If you need to make a small change to your website, that’s included too.

Regular website check-up’s are included in the Small Business Classic and Online Entreprenuer digital marketing packages. These check-up’s include website performance reports and recommendations to improve traffic flow and conversions. Your partnership with Marketbase 101 will continue long after your website is up and running.   

Monthly maintenance fees

Monthly maintenance fees are not required for web sites designed by Marketbase 101, but they are recommended. The monthly maintenance fee allows us to provide ongoing customer care to your small business – managing all aspects of your website and giving you one less thing to worry about. As a member of the monthly maintenance program your website will receive ongoing software updates, site backups, performance monitoring, and security monitoring. Ongoing performance reporting and designated support, design, or development time may be included for an additional fee. The monthly maintenance fee will vary based on the size and scope of your website and the needs of your business. 

E-Mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is a form of customer relationship management and is one of the best ways to ensure your customers stay engaged with your business. All Marketbase 101 designed websites will include e-mail marketing signup forms and e-commerce websites include automated transactional e-mails. These tools can be leveraged through regular e-mail marketing campaigns announcing speical events, promotions, monthly newsletters, or customer birthday and anniversary recognition. The options are endless. All e-mail marketing campaign tools can be built to fit the needs of your business.

Already have a website but need help building your email marketbase? Start building your mailing list and sending e-mail campaigns for a one time $50 fee. E-mail marketing campaigns are charged individually at $10 per campaign. 

E-mail marketing campaigns and customer relationship management tools are included in the Small Business Classic and Online Entreprenuer digital marketing packages. 

Targeted Advertising

You set your advertising budget and we set things in motion, 20% of your ad budget is applied to fees and 80% goes directly to ad buys. Marketbase 101 will work with you to set clear conversion goals for all social media marketing and search engine marketing efforts. 

For all Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Marketing there is a one time $50 fee to determine your targeted audience and your business coversion goals. This fee is waived for all web design customers. 

It all starts with a free consultation and digital business review.

Let’s discuss the specific goals of your small business and find all the ways Marketbase 101 can help you unlock the potential of digital marketing.